Super Singles Championship

Super Singles Championship Handbook

Download the Super Singles Handbook – containing further details about the competition.
Round 1
Sunday 26th February: 10am – 1pm

Round 2
Saturday 18th March: 10am – 1pm

Round 3
Saturday 15th April: 10am – 1pm

Round 4
Sunday 21st May: 10am – 1pm

Round 5
Saturday 24th June 10am – 1pm
To register for the Super Singles, you'll need to contact us directly and we will register you for your chosen dates.

As always, if you have any questions – don't hesitate to ask.

Super Singles Latest Rounds Summary and Report

Following Round 3 on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November

General Report

So that’s the Super Singles over for 2022 as the first Block of the Season comes to its end. The numbers looked rather bleak at the start of the week but picked up appreciably as the weekend drew nearer and thirty-eight players turned out – not bad but we still want a good few more to join us if the tournament is to thrive.

Once again, we were joined by a contingent of Juniors from St Neots TTC and their parents who are now all too familiar with the vagaries of M11 closures and the oddities of the new junction.

We were proud to welcome five newcomers:  Hope springs eternal! Eight heroes on a lousy weather weekend played on both the Friday and Saturday sessions, so we had some really good matchups on both days. They deserve a special clap! Kim Cheung (robbed of a clean sweep on both days by Graham Playle), Graham Playle himself, Mike Smedley, Kris Kowalski, Gary Read, Alan Burnett, Istvan Bitter (first timer), and Anamaya Sharma, by far the youngest player on the Friday.

As usual, we must mention those that won all their three regulation games – no mean feat given the strength of the opposition: Mabel Shute guesting with us, Graham Playle of course,  Ilyssa Lacorte (extra game to help out!), Alex Tate, David Brierley (seen that name before, somewhere!), Luke Merchant and Joseph Reid from St Neots, and a resurgent Sonny Green.

There were four contenders for Player of the Round. Mabel Shute, Ilyssa Lacorte, and particularly Luke Merchant nearly got there, but as you have probably guessed by now, it was Graham Playle who took the well-deserved final honours with five wins out of six (it was Sam Scott that tripped him up!) over the two days. Very well done Graham and thanks for all your support over the whole of the Series.

We will now have a break from the Super Singles in December but there is still plenty of table tennis enjoy at BATTS before Christmas and other ranking tournaments within striking distance of our Club.

Many players were asking me and Declan about Super Singles dates for 2023 and we will be publishing them for you as soon as we have decided on them and the format they should take. We do need to ring the changes a little to get a few more people to play and if anyone has any ideas, please let us know.

Happy Christmas to one and all, not forgetting Hanukkah, Yule, and Kwanza, and any other celebrating Lights piercing the Darkness. And a very Happy New Year to follow!