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BATTS Super Singles Championship


The BATTS Super Singles Championship is a fast, friendly and flexible competition format that offers all entrants competitive matches against others around their standard. Lasting just three hours, each round of the competition provides a great opportunity for all members of BATTS to play, whether you're a beginner just starting off, or an experienced and stronger player looking for their match.

Once a player has registered to play, they will be included in the most up-to-date ratings table where we feel they best fit, in order of standard along with everyone else. After each round of the competition, the ratings table will be updated and each of the players that played will most likely have their rating changed according to how well they performed (wins and losses).

Players are usually put into groups of fours, fives or sixes and will play three best-of-five matches (first to three games) against three other players from their group in the order outlined on the match sheet for the particular group.

The competition usually takes place on one Friday night each month from 7pm until 10pm, and the Saturday directly after from 10am until 1pm (hall availability sometimes requires these times to be altered).

All ages and abilities are welcome to enter the Super Singles and can do so by emailing super.singles@battsharlow.com where any questions can be answered.

The competition runs throughout the whole club year (a series), in bursts of three months at a time (a block) with a month's break between each block, as pictured below. To compete, you must be a member of BATTS (either a Complete member, Associate member or Performance Group Coaching member

Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 13.48.51.png

Further details about the format of the Super Singles can be found in the Super Singles handbook.

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Already, we've now completed two blocks in the 2021-22 club year since September 2021, and we now look forward to starting Block 3 in May 2022. Block 3's dates and times can be found below:

Friday 13th May 2022: 7pm - 10pm

Saturday 14th May 2022: 10am - 1pm

Friday 17th June 2022: 7pm - 10pm

Saturday 18th June 2022: 10am - 1pm

Friday 15th July 2022: 7pm - 10pm

Saturday 16th July 2022: 10am - 1pm

If you would like to learn more about the Super Singles Championship, or have any questions about any of it, don't hesitate to email us at super.singles@battsharlow.com and we'll be happy to help.