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Super Singles Championship Handbook

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Block 3 2022 Dates:

Friday 13th May 2022: 7pm - 10pm
Saturday 14th May 2022: 10am - 1pm

Friday 17th June 2022: 7pm - 10pm
Saturday 18th June 2022: 10am - 1pm

Friday 15th July 2022: 7pm - 10pm
Saturday 16th July 2022: 10am - 1pm
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Super Singles Latest Rounds Summary and Report

Following Rounds 3 and 4 on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June

General Report

Another great turnout of players, particularly on Saturday morning, and we welcomed four new players to the Championship. In all, forty-eight players competed over Friday Night/Saturday Morning, and we thank the following magnificent (baker’s) dozen for their enthusiastic support in playing in both Rounds: Liam Williams, Mike Smedley, Kenneth Man, Steve King, Richard Hallinan, Alan Burnett, Peter Alexander, Jack Stead, Thomas Beresford, Max Beresford, Sonny Green, Anamaya Sharma, and Adonis Duraku.

We try to ensure that you don’t play the same people two days in a row if we can, although some players have told us that they quite like meeting the same opposition in quick succession.

On Saturday, the Challenge Board was again out and well used by many players wanting to try their luck with opponents well out of their comfort zone. You will lose Rating Points when you lose but pulling off an upset is a bit like winning the Euro Lottery! We should thank too, those that accept the Challenges and the risk that goes with it. It seems popular with a lot of players who want more out of their Saturday mornings, so we’ll run with it.

Special Congratulations are well due to those who won all their three scheduled games in a Round -- no double-bangers this time although Liam Williams, Jack Stead, and Sonny Green came close. These 100 Percenters were: Isabelle Lacorte, Liam Williams, Mike Smedley, Alex Tate, Reuben Ling, Steve King, Jack Stead, Bradley Stavrou, Sonny Green, Kamil Hussain, and Kamran Hussain.

There is one big omission – the Player of the Month – and surprise, surprise, it was won by a player who frequently gets mentioned: Callum Heath. Keep it up, Callum! You will be up against tougher opposition as you enter the 1300’s!

Trophy Winners from Block 2

We started each Round with a little ceremony to present the awards to the best performers in each of their Ratings bands in Block 2 (January, February, and March). You can see who they were and how they won HERE.

Congratulations to them all and remember, there will be more awards to collect at the end of this Block when it finishes in July.

Awards are presented to the top performer in each Ratings band, which means that there is more competition top to bottom and Juniors do not storm through and win them all!

“Performance” is defined as the highest “Points Exchange” which is the amount by which you win or lose against better or worse players with different Ratings. It is not your absolute position that counts – that is estimated and given to you when you first play and is not earned from a common starting point The further up the “ladder” you climb, the less variability there is in standards and consequently the Points Exchange tend to be more compact usually.

The winner of the 1500+ Ratings band was Piotr Nykiel with 51.3 points, winning ten out of the thirteen matches he played in Block 2.

The 1400 – 1499 Band featured three contenders. Aryan Vatsa nearly stole it. But the top honour was really a two-horse race between two Vets, Mike Smedley and Graham Playle. Both played fifteen matches, but maybe it was the ten that Graham won against Mike’s nine that clinched it for him. Ultimately, Graham scored 47.7 Rating Points and Mike, 37.7.

It was almost the same story in the 1300 – 1399 range. Sam Scott and Jose Moreno scored highly, but it was Steve Prince who ran away with the honours. Steve played in all of the Rounds and played extra matches as well: more than any other player with twenty-one matches in total. He won twelve on them giving him a net 25.0 Points Exchange.

The 1200 – 1299 was one of the largest groupings, mostly populated by Seniors but with a fair sprinkling of Juniors too. Vet Richard Hallinan and returnee Liam Williams came close with major points exchanges, but Junior Reuben Ling caused quite an upset winning five out of six games which gave him points haul of 40.2.

In the 1100 – 1199 it was that man Callum Heath again with a 100% record which earned him 49.9 points.

There was intense competition in the 1000 – 1099 range between a number of our Juniors, who were then aspiring Performance Squad members. Since then, they have graduated even further. Senior Chris Economides did his best to buck the trend against Ezra Darley (9/14 and 46.2 points), while Matthew Jones, seizing every opportunity he could to play a match against top opposition, won 8/12 matches and bagged 51.3 points. But Nikolas Filippas cleaned up with eight wins out of ten and massive points exchange of 55.9.—the highest of anyone in the Block.

The Bands below were more clear cut with Justin Bonini’s 100% record earning him the top place in the 800 – 999 Band with 44.0 points. The runaway winner in the “Beginners’” Group with Ratings below 800 was Bradley Stavrou with another 100% record and 53.6 Points Exchange.

See you all for the final two Rounds in July – Friday 15th and Saturday 16th – after which we will have a short break in August before starting off a brand-new Championship in September.

Enjoy the Summer!

Andrew – Super Singles Organiser w/ Declan.