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Coronavirus update

**last updated March 13, 14:56 - Roadmap out of lockdown

**Please Note - The following information assumes that the dates listed in the Government's 'roadmap out of lockdown' will be implemented, because they are dependent on the continued decline in rates of infection.

No earlier than 29th March

From 29th March, it will be possible for up to six people, two households, or groups of up to fifteen under 18s to play on an outdoor table.


At this stage, indoor play is still prohibited but we can take full advantage of the outdoor facilities outside of the Norman Booth Recreation Centre.

No earlier than 12th April

From 12th April, we shall reopen our doors to under 18s for group coaching sessions.


In addition, we will open up to provide as many playing opportunities as allowed for Adults, such as playing on one table as a household or support bubble, or for individual practice (service or robot practice).

No earlier than 17th May

From May 17th, adults can return to indoor play in bubbles of up to six people, or from two households (more information on this to come).

No earlier than 21st June

From June 21st, all legal limits on social contact are expected to be removed.

Club guidelines put into place under COVID-19 (updated 7th April '21)