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Private coaching at BATTS

Some of our coaches at BATTS offer private one-to-one coaching.

The fee for these sessions vary so please contact the coach for more information.

Only those who are members of BATTS qualify for private one-to-one coaching.

Below are the coaches at BATTS who offer one-to-one coaching along with some background information about themselves.

Josh Dye

Full time coach for 7 years 

Worked as head coach of Mossford TTC and Infinity TTC 

Top 70 England player 

Essex number 1

Worked with multiple clubs in the UK and Europe 

Senior British league championship player 

Coached at national and international events. 

Available for 121 lessons contact


Awaiting information

Keith Fung

Level 2 coach with 25 years playing experience

Has represented Essex County on multiple occasions.


An active competitive player in national tournaments and has won a Veterans 2 star event and been over 40's Champion of Hertfordshire.


Holds a BA (Hons degree in Sport and Leisure management), has been the Head of Sport and Healthy Lifestyles Services in 3 London boroughs and a Sports Consultant for 10 years. This enables Paul to provide advice on how to improve your fitness away from the table tennis table in addition to improving your technique and table tennis tactics.


Paul Martindill is available for coaching on a 1 to 1 basis for £25.00 per hour.


If you wish to book a session with paul please conatct him directly via email at:


paul.martindill5@btinternet.com or call 07575202839.

Paul Martindill