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Tuesday 30th November 2021


2021 see the return of three popular tournament formats: National Junior and Cadets Leagues and the Junior British League where some of our youngsters would be selected to represent BATTS and compete against other clubs and teams from across the country,

Fifteen of our players were selected for the NJL and NCL where they would need to travel down to Ellenborough Table Tennis Club in Enfield and compete in three rounds of team matches consisting of six single sets of best of five. Well done to all that attended - many of the players selected wouldn't have competed in such tournament before and one of the main differences is its duration, being a full day's worth of play of at least seven hours.

The Junior British League held in Derby also saw seven performance A BATTS players travel far to play intense matches against other teams from around the country. 

2021 see the return of the National Junior League and National Cadet League tournaments where fifteen of our players were selected to represent BATTS and would travel down to Enfield to compete against other clubs/teams from this side of the country.

This format provides our youngsters with great experience of competing both individually but also as a team. As well as that, it requires the support of parents who would need to be prepared to travel down to Ellenborough Table Tennis Club with their child.

Well done to all our players involved with the NCL/NJL and I'd like to thank both parents for their support and our coaches Josh Dye and Keith Fung who are around throughout the day supporting the players.