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BATTS Super Singles Championship

Summary after Rounds 5 and 6

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That was probably the best couple of rounds EVER! Many thanks to the fifty-five people that came to play and entered the spirit of the competition to make it work so smoothly when at times, it might not have done! It was so exciting to see the hall buzzing with players of all ages and abilities working together to create such fantastic competition.

Fifteen people played on both Friday evening and Saturday morning, and they deserve a special mention: Piotr Nykiel, Anthony Baron, Graham Playle, Kris Kowalski, Mike Smedley, Gary Read, Steve Prince, Kenneth Man, Previn Wan, Peter Alexander, Ray Ong, and ALL our younger Beginners who seem to love splashing around in the shallow end on their own table: Anamaya Sharma, Max Beresford, Sonny Green, and Adonis Duraku.

We were very pleased to have the time and opportunity to offer more scoring games above the scheduled three to those that wanted them and who offered to help to make the numbers balance so that everyone gets at least three matches. This is a feature that has originated from the players rather than the organisers and is all the better for that. We are looking to do even more of this on Saturday mornings when we have more time at the end of regular play. Games are what we come for and games is what you will get!

We are especially grateful to those who had to travel a long way to join us: a group of keen Juniors from St Neots TTC, a good few from the Southend area, some from North Essex (Braintree, Saffron Walden), a number from London, and a faithful few from Stevenage! And the many newcomers to the Championship – spread the word, we are not at full capacity yet!

Congratulations to those three-star players who won all their matches: Victor Ramirez Rioja, Paul Martindill, Aaryan Vatsa, Jose Moreno, Liam Williams, the seemingly unstoppable Callum Heath, Aidan Lees, Chris Economides, Justin Bonini, and Bradley Stavrou.

Player of the weekend just has to be Mike Smedley, who won all his games on both Friday and Saturday, and with it, gained the highest points exchange. It’s a gamble, as he might well have lost a few of them, but it paid off and like many others, he just loves his table tennis!

And we must train the spotlight, too, on Matthew Jones! Matty is about to be promoted into the Advanced Junior Coaching Squad, and on Saturday, he showed us why. Not only did he complete all his three scheduled matches on Table 5, but stepped up to the plate to plug a gap on Table 1 and the top guys there were genuinely impressed with his performance treating him with respect (predictable losses but high scores). And then he played two more games for the fun of it! That’s the spirit we all like to see.

Not far behind, another promotion prospect, Ezra Darley, also made the most of the time available playing six games on Saturday morning.

We will now take a break over April, during which you will hear from us about the start of the final Block of the Club Year in May, June, and July when we hope and expect that we will have full 8 tables on every Round. Let’s make it happen!